GIFTS ~ Business & Personal

Corporate Gifts
: Looking for options & ideas for giveaways for Corporate Events, Performance Awards, Business Gifts, Meetings & Seminars? We have covered them all for you.

Personal Gifts: We also offer some of the finest lifestyle accessories as ‘personal gifts’ from international premium brands, individually packed, delivered at your doorstep, in time for the event.


International Premium Brands

Every single item is packed in Branded Individual Box

Attractive pricing with Quantity-Based discounts

Flexible & Scalable Order Fulfilment

Timely Delivery

Please take a look around our collection of Corporate or Personal Gifts and identify your selection. Please feel free to let us know your specific preferences or requirement, if any. In case you do not find your choice of items available in our online catalog, we can offer a wider range from our offline collection. We just need to know your specific preferences in terms of budget and product line.

We do not carry ready stocks as we produce strictly against confirmed orders. So please plan ahead and allow us 4-6 weeks time to deliver your order, depending upon order quantity and production space.